Senior Awards Night

Seniors Are Awarded For Their Hard Efforts

Morgan Velderman, Website Manager

As the year wraps up, Laingsburg High School seniors are ready to throw away their backpacks and binders. The capped and gowned young adults have toured the schools and cheered for their last bell; the only thing left to do is receive a diploma. But before graduation is the annual Senior Awards Night.

On May 23, seniors received honorary chords to wear during graduation. These chords include drama, NHS, honor role, journalism, and many others including academic excellence awarded by teachers.

“These were the first chords for robotics and I hope many more will be presented throughout the years,” teacher Paul Garrett said.

Students also received various scholarships from foundations to go into their college education.

“I was the winner of the Chad Artersinger scholarship,” senior Christopher Walker said. “It was an honor and I hope I can live up to the expectations of those whose give the scholarship.”

After a night filled with honors, Laingsburg seniors were ready to wrap up their high school careers and say goodbye to the life they knew.