Dancing Down the Road

Local Dancers Take Center Stage at Local Carnival


Emma Heyd, Reporter

The Laingsburg Springtime Festival is always a popular place to be with your friends. The carnival is mostly known for its rides, but on Friday night, the dancers put on a show to add to all the excitement.

Studio owner Jen West brings the dancers down past all the thrilling rides to an area by the local post office. Many people go and support the different aged dancers of the studio.

“My favorite part was watching the little kids dance because they were very cute,”  sophomore Abigail Kirkbride said.

People love to go and support their friends and then afterwards go to the carnival. The carnival and dancing seem to mix well together.

“I was very happy because I got to watch my friends dance and eat an elephant ear!” Kirkbride said.

One of the benefits of the dancers at the carnival is being able to eat lots and spend time with friends afterwards. Some people come to the carnival because they did not see certain dances at the recital or could not come to the recital.

“My favorite part was watching my friends dance because I couldn’t watch them at the recital,”  dancer Kayleigh Rann said.

Recital is a time that dancers show their family and friends all of their routines. On the other hand, the carnival is a place that people can come watch if they could not make it to the recital.

“I really just love watching my daughters dance and have fun doing it,” parent Josh Wilburn said.

Everyone has a favorite part about watching their friends or children dance during the carnival. Next time you are at the carnival come and watch the dancers!