Exam Stress Relief Tips

Students Give Each Other Advice

Emma Heyd, Reporter

Exam week is stressful for everyone at Laingsburg High School. High schoolers are counting down the days to summer and do not want to spend time testing on the last couple days of school. Students can try to relax during exams, but sometimes it just does not work. Exams are always going to be stressful, but these quick tips will help you stress less during the week.

The first quick tip is to make a to do list. To do lists can help you become more organized and focused on what you need to do. Along with this tip, you can also star the hours or chapters that are extremely important. Doing this will help you focus on what is important first and then the hours that you do not need to study as much can come later.

The next tip for exam week is to take breaks. Breaks are always important in between study times. Going for a walk, eating a snack, or even checking Instagram are all good and quick break ideas. Having your mind focus on something else for five or ten minutes can help it relax and calm down.

Another tip is listening to music while studying. Some people actually study better when they do not have people talking to them. Try music with words and some without. Everyone has different ways of studying so figure out what works best for you! Try looking up things like popular pop music without words, or even classical music can be something to keep you focused and studying for hours!

The final tip is to feel refreshed and clean. During exams it is good to remember to feel good while you are studying. Some examples of feeling more clean are using face masks, bath bombs, or essential oils. Face masks can help your face feel rejuvenated and the good smells from it can calm you too. Bath bombs can help you feel better because baths are calming. Baths can also serve as one of your short breaks during studying. Essential oils can help you calm down right before bed and get you to sleep increasingly better.

There you go! A couple tips and tricks to use for exam week. Remember, everyone studies differently and make sure to try out each little trick because it might help!